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Durrës is one of the most important historic towns and ports in the country that connects Italy
with ferries. Durrës is a beautiful city for walking with a relaxing atmosphere and a number of
historic sites to visit. The most attractive places to visit in Durres include the largest
Amphitheater in the Balkans, the Old Town Wall and the 16th-century Venetian Tower.
Rates 30 euro per car (+ special tariffs for entry tickets)


Shkodra is the fourth largest city in Albania. Shkodra is an ancient city and famous seaport
where the Ottoman Empire lost about 30,000 warriors.
The most beautiful place in Shkodra is impressive but threatening castle that represents the
whole panorama of the city. The Rozafa fortress was built by the Illyrians and rebuilt by various
inhabitants, such as the Ottomans over the years, keeping in good shape. Rozafa Castle offers
fantastic views of the city and includes an excellent museum. In Shkodra you can also visit other
important places like Shkodra Historical Museum, Shkodra Cathedral and the Museum of
Evidence and Commemorative Memory of Communism. The latter is an impressive museum on
the crimes of the Albanian communist regime. Also nearby is one of the biggest lakes in the
Balkans, Lake Shkodra.
Rates 140 euro per car (+ special tariffs for entry tickets)


Tirana is a friendly, welcoming place with a relaxing atmosphere where you can find some of the
best restaurants, shops and markets
Places recommended to be visited in Tirana
Ethem Bey Mosque
Ministries' buildings
Tabak Bridge
Dajti Mountain. You can go there by cable car.
Rates 90 euro per car (+ special tariffs for entry tickets)


Berat is one of the oldest cities in Albania and the Ottoman period in Europe. Berat is a small
town that can be explored easily on foot. Berat offers amazing walks on the ancient and beautiful
streets of the city and a relaxing atmosphere.
The most famous is the Castle of Berat, dating back to the 13th century, including several
Ottoman-era churches and mosques
Rates 120 euro per car (+ special tariffs for entry tickets)


The name and the importance of the city are closely related to the 25 years of activity of our
national hero, Skanderbeg, who in the fifteenth century made Kruja a bastion of
uncompromising resistance against the Ottoman. The Gjergj Kastrioti Skanderbeg
Museum is situated inside the castle walls, which date back to the fifth and sixth centuries
A.D.The museum itself was inaugurated in 1981. Within the walls of the castle are also
the Ethnographic Museum and the Dollma Tekke. Near the castle’s entrance is a traditional
market, which dates back to the period of Skanderbeg. Here, tourists can find Albanian craft
products such as embroidered items, carpeting, silver objects, copper, alabaster, filigree,
traditional clothing, antiques  at the traditional Old Baazar of Kruja .
Rates 90 euro per car (+ special tariffs for entry tickets).


Apolonia is an ancient city that was founded in 588 BC and continues to be preserved in a very
good condition. Apolonia is located on a hill about 12 kilometers from the city of Fier. very close
you can visit an excellent museum, located in a 13th century monastery.
Price 120 euro per car (+ special tariffs for entry tickets)


Gjirokastra is one of the most ancient cities in Albania. Included in the UNESCO World
Heritage list
These include the Old Bazaar, Ottoman historic houses, old churches and mosques, and the
Gjirokastra Castle.
Price 200 euro per car (+ special tariffs for entry tickets)


Vlora is one of the most popular coastal cities of Albania and an extremely popular tourist
Vlora is the starting point of the Albanian Riviera and is one of the most frequented areas of
Albanian “Sun and Sea” tourism. Located in this region are the Orikum and Amantia
archaeological parks, and the Llogara National Park.
Rates 140 euro per car (+ special tariffs for entry tickets).


The road to Pogradec passes along the shore of the tectonic Lake Ohrid, the deepest lake in
the Balkans (285 m). This 2-4 million year old lake is under UNESCO protection due to its
unique value and is home 17 species of aquatic animals, 70% of which are native and 30%
migrant. The sponge of Ohrid is found only here and in Lake Baikal. By the lakeside you will
find an array of restaurants, clubs, and comfortable hotels. You must not miss a taste of the
traditional fish dishes, especially the baked speckled trout (Koran in Albanian), as well as the
famous pickles. You might also sample the various wines on offer, but don’t miss the
traditional unique wine of Buti, or the famous Perla and Moskat raki of Pogradec.
The city of Pogradec was settled in the Neolithic period, and it later became home to the
Illyrian Enkelejd and Desaret clans, who built the Castle of Pogradec on a hill at 870 m above
sea level. The city, with its mild climate, lends itself to year-round visits. Before leaving
Pogradec don’t miss Drilon and Tushemisht, just 4-5 km south of the city. The Drilon waters
form a small lake, surrounded by beautiful greenery that makes the area and the nearby village
of Tushemisht a unique oasis of beauty and tranquility.
The most visited tourist spots around Lake Ohrid are Lin, Pojskë, Hudenisht and
Tushemisht. Worth visiting are the Drilon water sources, located 5 km from Pogradec. Don’t
forget about the wonderful restaurants in the area, constructed from wood and offering some
of the most delicious dishes of the region; don’t miss the Koran fish specialty (Tavë
Rates 220 euro per car (+ special tariffs for entry tickets).


Butrint is ranked first in the list of the 10 best places to visit in Albania. The Butrint National
Archaeological Park is a stunning place to visit. Butrint is one of the hidden jewels of Albania,
located near the small town of Saranda. The city of Saranda is a great place to visit offering a
relaxing Mediterranean atmosphere. However, Butrint deserves to be one of the most famous
places in the world. Butrint is a national park valued as a heritage of humanity and protected by
UNESCO since 1992
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Rates 220 euro per car (1-4 persons ) (+ special tariffs for entry tickets).