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Svetlana Hakala talks about Albanian real estate

Svetlana Hakala talks about Albanian real estate

During the three-day inspection, we will give you the opportunity to see as many options of high-quality apartments and building sites that match your request, your desires and possibilities, as you can see. We will tell about traditions and features, we will answer all questions that you have.

Tips for choosing real estate.

If you want to get a residence permit and settle in the country, we advise you to stop the choice of real estate in Durres. Only half an hour from Tirana and from Rinas Airport, the developed infrastructure of the beach area and proximity to the center of the second largest city in the country is an important argument. And also favorable prices. In winter, life here does not stop, as in other resorts in the country. Yes, and live by the sea – is it not everyone’s dream? A clean wide beach with a flat entrance with a length of 16 kilometers is bound to please. The shallow Durres Bay heats up quickly and stays warm for a long time, the bright southern sun warms it well in autumn and winter. If you do not want to acquire a car, then it is logical and useful to locate in the Schemby-i-Kavayes-Golem zone. The express and many minibuses will take you to the city center in 15-18 minutes for only 40 eurocents.
Mali and Robit and Cherret zones are located outside the bus route, at a distance of 10-15 km from the city center, it is desirable to have a car there. Infrastructure is still underdeveloped in Cerreta, very uncrowded in the low season. But the area is promising, there are actively working on the construction of the walking area along the river, which flows into the sea.

And the 16-kilometer walkway with cycle paths will connect Durres with Cheréta. A part of the promenade in the Golem area, about 1.5 km long, has already been built.
It is also important that a modern plumbing system was built in Durres. This ensures the purity of the water in the sea. In addition to Durres, there is a similar system in little Shenjing.

We present below only some of the options at our disposal, most of which are located in Durrës. We also have offers in Saranda, in Vlora, in Shenjin. In addition to their options, options are available to our colleagues.

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