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Luxury holidays in Albania: the people, the food, low prices and the sea!

Luxury holidays in Albania: the people, the food, low prices and the sea!

A year ago, I went for the first time in Albania. The mind was on top of curiosity and a little bit also the fear of what kinds of traces of decades of isolation and poverty, totalitarian regimes have left the people and the country.


Astonishment was great as soon as I got to say that in any country I’ve never met one lovely people and I have traveled quite a bit, after all. They are curious, of course, but never intrusive. In the beginning, they silently watching tourists, and when you find that they need something to come to the rescue. This is what happened when my daughter and I traveled by bus capital city of Tirana to Durres. The bus had already traveled many hours in southern Albania The rest when we go up on the bus, which was no longer in two adjacent seats vacant. The bus is full of people quietly dormant, but in spite of one of the passengers rose immediately from his actual position us to discover and moves next to another man to sit on the other side of the corridor, so that we get to sit next to each other!

The same bus continued its journey towards Tirana through rural mountainous and the road is mutkikastasta. Soon, my daughter begins to suffer matkapahainvoinnista and I do not have time to change in puzzlement as to turn my head around, trying to look to see if any vomiting buses. Without a word behind us seated approx. 16-year-old boy goes to the driver and will be back with vomit bags and hands them to us without saying a word at all. I’ll take them gratefully received. Fortunately, I already say thank you in Albanian, “faleminderit”.

These small events during the trip abundance: the Finnish man gets saattoseuraa old man Albanians, it has begun to rain and albanialaismies runs alongside the journey of the Finnish protecting this umbrella from the rain; at other times, when asked about the road traffic controls power to the police to stop this whole traffic and directs the caller over the road to the other side of the road! In general, assistance will be provided willingly and often leaves the donor himself to take the Honourable Member to the place of destination and refuses offered financial compensation. And if you do not have a common language, look at the site of the person who will help to translate English.

Food and rates

I have to admit, that feels luxurious in Albania, when you can afford to go whenever you feel like the restaurant and cafe. With just a few euros already get a decent dose. In addition, the food is delicious! It is inspired by Italian cuisine, but there are also influenced by oriental food culture, such as Turkish. Food ingredients are fresh and frozen foods, canned foods and prepared foods in use. In fact, the food is mainly organic food, even if this aspect is not there yet Parts else to advertise. Hopefully this will not change in the future so-called. development. Fresh food, eg. Free walking through chickens and sheep can run into even the country’s major urban centers. Tirana woke up to a rooster song and our hotel was located in the very least the administrative district close to the Parliament.


The sea is wonderful everywhere, but Albania does not have to cost a fortune ocean views. Although the restaurants and cafes with a sea view, are a bit more expensive than other similar, they are still really cheap. I can not help wondering about how well things are when I sit down restaurant in Durres right on the trumpet next to me, I eat delicious food and pay for it only a few euros. This combination will not be able to find many places!

Durres sea beach is approx. 7 km long fine sand beach. I and my daughter has a habit especially in the evening sunset walk on the soft sand, the waterline to link and watch the horizon visible old fishing boats. Last summer, the balcony of the apartment became a favorite place: I read a good book out there, we ate the food (I’ve never been much of a cook, but in Albania even a self-made food taste better) and at the same time we enjoy the sea view.

In summary, I would say that the beginning of a bit of fear has evaporated completely. Dangerous or threatening situations I have not come across at all. Friendliness of the auttavaisuuteen even more so. The locals are offered a lift, a neighbor’s small shop owner is going to help in the collection of furniture to housing and the like.

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