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Are you an investor or want to become an investor? Worried about which house to buy, what improvements will give you the best bang for your buck, or what will it rent for? We can help, for free, call +355697362228  now!

We will help you pick the types of properties that should have the longest-term renters, best credit applicants and least amount of vacancy. We have a strong track record for picking houses that will make you money.

We can work with you directly or with your Realtor. We don’t sell houses. We will help your Realtor send the right kinds of properties for you to consider.

We use a proprietary software system to give you a customized market analysis based on actual data. We do this so that investors buy the right properties and then they work with us to lease and manage them.

What we do for you:

  • Assist in the search and acquisition of rental investment properties
  • Suggest homes to buy and/or areas to target for investment properties
  • Provide estimated rent ranges for potential properties
  • Review location, condition of property and comparable rentals
  • Review what upgrades could be done to the property to increase rent and lower vacancy
  • Perform site visits to confirm lot, location and condition are as expected
  • Create budgets to improve properties
  • Prioritize work to be done to maximize rent and return on investment
  • Manage the rehabilitation process with our trusted vendors
  • And more!

Call +355 69 73 62 228 now to start building your portfolio with money making investment properties!