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Some Facts About Albania

  • Surprisingly close to Central Europe. Distance from Tirana to Rome is ~ 600 km, ~ 800 km to Vienna.
  • Developing economy, which in spite of the situation in Greece and Italy, has a growth of approx. 3% per annum.
  • Travel guide “Lonely Planet” chose Albania the world’s top travel destination (2011).
  • Due to the history of the Albanians they are very friendly and interested in tourists.
  • Secularized society, religion signs are not visible in everyday life, any more than even in USA.
  • Albania has applied for membership of the EU, and works in close cooperation with the EU institutions.
  • The coast of the Mediterranean climate with warm summers and mild winters.
  • The country is very safe for tourists.
  • NATO full member since 2009.
  • The food is good, wholesome and very fresh.
  • Restaurants prices: 3-8 euros per person (including wine).
  • 450 km coastline and beaches, more than 300 sunny days a year.
  • No government debt.
  • Housing prices starting from EUR 400 per square meter.
  • No real estate property tax.
  • Buying real estate is easy and safe operation; the deal can be closed in four days. Public notary confirms the transaction.

Place To Visit In Albania

Tourism in Albania is attracted by the beautiful coastline beaches aided by the warm and long summer, as well as  the archaeological heritage from Illyrian, Greek, Roman and Ottoman times, mountainous topography, delicious traditional Albanian cuisine, Cold War era artifacts, unique traditions and hospitality, low prices, and the wild and peculiar atmosphere of the countryside.

What does the press say about Albania!

  • Lonely Planet ranked Albania as the no. 1 destination to be visited in 2011.
  • The New York Times ranked Albania fourth among 52 destinations to be visited in 2014
  • A Huffington Post article outlined 10 reasons for visiting Albania in 2013.
  • Recently, Albania has been officially dubbed as Go Your Own Way. Previously, it was dubbed as A New Mediterranean Love.
  • According to the Polish Tour Operators Association, Albania is the 10th most visited country by the Poles.

The bulk of international tourists going to Albania are mostly from Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Ukraine and Sweden. Tourists also come from Western European countries such as Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, France, UK and others including the United States. Tourism in Albania is a growing sector with more tourists visiting the country every year.

Contrary to general perception, Albania is a very safe country with warm and helping people as reflected in the traditional Albanian expression “Buke, Kripe e Zemer” (Bread, Salt and Heart).

Organized groups visit the numerous archaeological sites, historic towns, or rest at seaside resorts of Durres and Shengjin. A growing trend has become canyon rafting, bird-watching, cycling, mountain biking, hiking, and off-road touring in the countryside. Other travelers enjoy exploring the trendy area of Blloku, Tirana’s entertainment district which transfers along the Albanian Riviera during the peak summer months. The adventurous Albanian railway system has been described by many travel guides as a tourist attraction and a de facto panoramic journey.

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